Workshop: Large Clay Sculptures with Andrea Keys Connell, Rozynski Arts Center
Come to beautiful Quebec to take a workshop with me!
Jun. 26, 10:00 a.m. – Jun. 30, 5:00 p.m.
Rozynski Arts Center, 2133 Chemin de Ways Mills, Barnston-Ouest, QC J0B, Canada
During this fun workshop, participants will work collaboratively in creating a life-size clay figure. After hollow sculpting demonstrations, each participant will create a body part that will be used to collectively create the sculpture. With our combined effort, it is certain that we will produce a figure with many unique qualities. Through out the workshop, all the technical challenges encountered during the making of large sculptures will be covered. Therefore, by the end of your stay you will have acquired the knowledge to guide you through your own project.

Please note that this workshop will take place during our Ceramystic event that attracts 5000

Arrowmont Workshop, Building BIG, With a Small Kiln

June 9-15, 2019
During this workshop students will work in collaboration with each other and problem-solve on multiple large-scale ceramic sculptures. Demonstrations focus on hollow building techniques needed for pieces from one to nine feet tall. Participants will learn various solutions for cutting, firing and assembling their work post-firing. Epoxies, paints and various cold surface techniques are covered, including glazing. You will learn how to execute big ideas, no matter the size of your kiln. Open to all skill levels.